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AI model built on 42K+ public APIs can accurately learn and cover 70% of new API


Supports all API architectures including, monolith, microservices, etc.

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1. PerfAI is tailor-made for APIs. APIs form the backbone of modern applications, offering extensive functionality often hidden beneath the surface. Whether you're dealing with public, private, web, or mobile APIs, PerfAI provides a seamless start to your performance journey. Get started by simply registering your APIs.

AI Driven

Our advanced AI model revolutionizes the testing process by automating all aspects:

1. API Learning: In this stage, the AI gets trained to effectively model your API calls. When we talk about AI Coverage in PerfAI, it basically indicates the percentage of endpoints that the AI has successfully learned to call.

2. Test Creation: At this stage, the AI generates up to 10 tests for each API endpoint using the Performance Top-10 list.

3. Test Execution: Our AI automatically schedules tests either during peak or non-peak hours for your API. It seamlessly generates and caches authentication tokens throughout the test, handles rate limits, detects anomalies, and applies a fail-fast approach.

Performance Top-10 List

1. PerfAI introduces a groundbreaking concept in API performance with its industry-first Performance Top-10 List. This feature applies up to 10 categories of tests to every API endpoint, ensuring comprehensive and accurate performance coverage.

Simplified Reporting

1. Scoring-based system: No longer will you need to decipher complex graphs or analyze CSV files to evaluate your API performance. This empowers leadership team to address critical customer-centric concerns effectively, delivering top-tier performance.

Natural Language Generation

1. Test descriptions can often be cryptic and challenging to decipher. PerfAI introduces a groundbreaking natural language generation (NLG) module, translating intricate test descriptions into plain English. Developers can now easily understand failed tests and take prompt corrective actions.

Customer Testimonials

Jim Verducci

CEO of Wristband

Establishing trust is critical for businesses choosing Wristband as their B2B authentication provider. API performance is a key facet of this trust, assuring businesses that their essential authentication workflows are both fast and reliable across geographical regions. PerfAI not only provides us much needed peace of mind but also tangible validation of our commitment to performance.

David Chu


As an API-first authentication platform, delivering high-performance APIs is critical for our business.  Before discovering PerfAI, conducting performance tests was a time-consuming task that took hours of manual effort. However, with PerfAI, we were able to automate the majority of our performance tests using nothing more than our existing OpenAPI documents. Using PerfAI has saved us countless hours and provided a streamlined solution to what used to be a very laborious process.


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