How PerfAI can reduce the extensive engineering efforts of
Nov 18, 2023

How PerfAI can reduce the extensive engineering efforts of

Who is is a way to compare structured data.  It allows user to upload data files, configure the columns you want to compare (or ignore) and the key(s) to use, submit the comparison and see the results, and share the results with others.
What was the challenge? is a platform that enables business decision-makers to perform complex data analysis. With features like predictive analytics, and intuitive visualization, it empowers users to extract insights from diverse data sources and drive informed decisions.
These engineering efforts begin with a development cycle where they address performance issues and develop fast solutions. 

How can decrease Juxt’s customer churn and increase their productivity and retention rates?

Fortunately for, PerfAI is designed to increase customer engagement and decrease churn rates. PerfAI’s innovative approach eliminates the need for coding, configuration, and extensive engineering efforts. It harnesses the power of AI to autonomously learn API flows and generate appropriate request data, enabling efficient and effective active performance for APIs.

Another important aspect of PerfAI is its scoring system. PerfAI simplifies the process of interpreting and understanding API performance results through its simplified scoring system. With PerfAI, you no longer need to navigate complex graphs or analyze CSV files to assess the performance of your API. 

It is important to note that API Spec URL, Base path, Auth URL/Body/headers must be provided for the Github action to run.  In the case of, the following inputs were provided in the PerfAI Github Action:

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With the use of PerfAI, accurate performance coverage was generated. This function can later be incorporated early into their development & maintenance cycle which will further allow them to identify their performance issues, thus allowing them to decrease their churn rate and increase their engagement level.

Performance matters. Decrease your churn rate and increase engagement.

  • PerfAI introduces a ground-breaking concept in API performance with its industry-first Performance Top-10 List. This feature revolutionizes the way API flows are validated, ensuring comprehensive and accurate performance coverage.
  • PerfAI brings the concept of Shift-Left to API active performance by seamlessly integrating with popular development tools such as GitHub Actions and CI/CD marketplaces. This integration enables you to incorporate performance early in the development cycle, ensuring that performance issues are identified and addressed proactively, leading to decreased churn rates and increased engagement.

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